Eurockeennes : Santogold weekend

After having sweat myself dry to Girl Talk, after having swallowed what may have been a kebab, after having sat through a painful hour of Beth Ditto, who, after a standing ovation from the crowd decided that instead of giving us one extra song just to shut us up, gave us 45 minutes of wailing ooohs and ahhhsss packed in what looked like a porno Jane Fonda sponsored jump suit, I decided to head off to the camp site to get over the emotion that had just been triggered off by such a small, fat feminist ( yes Beth Ditto sang " je suiisss une feminist"). Needless to say that the heat, the mosquitos, the rubbing from the synthetic sleeping bag and the drunk travellers in the next door tent playing medieval music left me in a state of despair, longing for the next day to arrive. Well it did, and with it came hope again into my small festival life. Not only was I blessed with the presence of Vampire Weekend, a bunch of intellectual NYC students making african inspired pop rock music, but I was also given the privilige of witnessing from close up, during an interview, their sexy potential future "golden boy" look which gave you the glimpse of hope that they may invite you to go sailing around Kape cod whilst reciting Keats poetry on deck, before ripping off your Ralph Lauren t-shirt in the bathroom of a trendy aftershow party.

Heading away from their concert like a horny 15 year old who had just received Petes Doherty's sweaty t-shirt in her face, as a gift from God, I was driven to an almost trance by Santogold who reminded me that, yes, there still are people out there ( No Beth Ditto you aren't one of them) who can still look good in Fluo spandex and gold hoop earings and make great music. Thank you Santogold, you were definatly worth my twenty minute trek through paralytic slip knot fans, empty kebab boxes, and random Vomit patches. I can now die in peace from the heat in my tent.

(photo : Flickr officiel des Eurockéennes)

2 commentaires:

ronan a dit…

The Cool Kids c'était mieux.

Adi a dit…

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