Eurockéennes : let the sunburning and beer drinking begin

Indeed, here we are at the Eurokéenes, don't pretend that you brits don't know all about it, I saw at least twenty caravans filled up to the brim with horny, hairy, sunburnt kent boys, panting like dogs the minute anything remotely ressembling a girl walked by.

Although the day has been kicked off with a mediocre line up, all hope is not lost, I await to see Calvin Harris take me back to the eighties, and i was pleasantly surprised to find out that i would be swinging, in a little blue dress, with a pint of Frost cider in my hands, to the Ting Tings who are making a last minute appearance to fill in for Kasaï All Stars, who are stuck at the aeroport due to Visa problems.

Given my alcohol intake on the campsite (which i might add was a stroke of luck,given that our tent is located fairly far off from rasta drunkards,overzealous sixteen year olds, and slimy y front wearing 40 year olds and no huge marquee tents that scream "Apéro" the frenchs alcoholic tea time) I have decided to go and wear it off by dragging my partner in crime Vincent to show me his latest rap moves to Keny Arkana, rising french rap singer.

(photo : Flickr officiel des Eurockéennes)

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