Eurockéennes : Ruiz DMC

hehehehehehe After having tipped half of the contents of my clandestino bottle of poliakov down my throat, I finally felt courageous enough to face the concert of " la bande originale" a band composed of b lister french singers, who decided that it would be a revelation to take up the great classics of the second half of the 20th century, notably Olivia Ruiz a reject of the french star academy, who ponced around on stage in a pimkie inspired pink dress. This, i believe, is due to the fact that after having flicked through the gossip magazine " Closer", sadly facing reality that, yes she was indeed another forgotten star academy celebrity, stumbled across their less than reputable fashion page and thought that if she dressed herself in Yelle style Fluo, whilst doing a couple of fancy dance moves, she might distract attention from her complete lack of talent.

This could have worked had she not decided to sing a duo with some absurd REM lookalike french singer wearing what looked like 1996 kangol beenie hat ( i can't even be arsed to give you his name), a duo which consisted of doing a white mans version of Run Dmc's " Tricky". Let me just say that the defunt Jam Master Jay would have turned over in his grave had he heard this rather "exotic indiana café chain restaurant version" of his master piece.

In honor of Jam's memory I decided to turn my heels, get a sandwich and, after some consideration of Olivia's performance in spanish, made a point of going to a tapas bar when i returned to Paris where i would probabally find better entertainment value...In the end who said that french singers didn't inspire me?

(photo : Flickr officiel des Eurockéennes)

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